Important Update: Health Issues

Hello all. This is just another quick post to touch base with those following the Blog and for those who are members of the reading group at Goodreads.

Over the last couple of weeks I have again been all over the shop with posting weekly chapters of the book we are currently reading, ‘The Attraction of the Cross,’ by Gardiner Spring. This was due to computer issues which have largely been addressed, including an inability to use the keyboard on my laptop – I have now purchased a wireless keyboard that I am using with the lap top until such time as I purchase a new laptop – which isn’t something I want to do just now. Thankfully the wireless keyboard has solved the problem I had and is working really well and is probably a better option for me then the keyboard on the laptop itself, as it just gives me a little more flexibility around the house. So not entirely unhappy with where I am currently – though the CD/DVD player/recorder has also died in the laptop. Yeah, it’s reaching the end of the line I guess.

Then there has been ongoing health issues which continue to be an issue. Thankfully, I have been cleared on cancer today, though I do face some ongoing medical issues for the near future and some surgery in coming weeks.

So with that said, I am going to be taking some time off from time to time from my various Blogs but will be trying to continue to post here on an a regular basis.


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