Week Off

Hi all,

There will not be a book posting this week, so we will be having a week off – unless of course you have a copy of Pilgrim’s Progress and want to continue reading, which would be great.

Why the break? Computer problems here – I have spent hours just trying to get into my computer and have just successfully done so. I think all is OK again, but this does suggest to me that the time for a new computer is approaching. At the moment the keyboard doesn’t work (it’s a lap top) so I use a wireless one, the CD/DVD player doesn’t work and I also use a wireless mouse. It seemed like the whole thing was finished and I was able to access it via safe mode – thankfully, allowing me to back everything up (thankfully I have that sorted and try to do so regularly). Of course I have also had storage issues and these were solved a few months ago. Anyway, time for a new computer sooner rather than later I think. Thankfully though, all is working again at the moment.

So this coming week I will get the next portion ready Lord willing and things will be back to normal.


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