May 2015: Next Book

As you know we are currently working our way through ‘The Holy War,’ by John Bunyan. However, this wasn’t actually what I had intended to do, but due to time constraints and other issues I wasn’t able to proceed with what I had planned.

I can now give you a ‘heads up’ with what I hope to offer up as our next book. I am now a good way through the work required to make the book available to the reading group and so this project should (Lord willing) be our next book – The History of the English Baptists from the Reformation to the Beginning of the Reign of King George I (Volume I – The Reformation to the Restoration of Charles II).

Once I have this book ready to go, which should be a while prior to our completion of The Holy War, I’ll move onto the next volume and start trying to get it ready – hopefully before we finish the first volume so we can move straight onto it (but there is a lot of work so that might not happen).

Anyhow, there it is, a little look ahead.


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