Book: Next To Read – Don’t Waste Your Life, By John Piper

I have not yet been able to complete work on volume 2 of Thomas Crosby’s, ‘The History of the English Baptists.’ This means we need to have another book to read and I thought ‘Don’t Waste Your Life,’ by John Piper would be a good choice. This post is sort of a teaser for the book and also an opportunity to download the free copy (pdf file) at the Desiring God website in preparation for beginning from tomorrow. It will not be hosted here, so you will need to get it from Desiring God, a Kindle version from Amazon, or another format elsewhere.

Reading ‘Don’t Waste Your Life’ will be a 10 week exercise (there are 10 chapters) and we will officially begin doing so tomorrow. Of course you can choose to begin whenever you like, even after this 10 week period and still post in the comments/discussion section either here or at the Goodreads reading group site (if you are a member of our reading group – which it would be great if you both were and could do so).

The book can be downloaded at:

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